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Women's Clothing

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Women's Clothing


Motherhood is a wonderful milestone in every woman’s journey in life. From the moment you learn that you have a little bundle of joy inside you waiting to see the world, every day is a celebration until that big day!

Pregnancy is an Exciting Time for Soon-to-be-Mums.

The waiting and expecting gives you a cocktail of emotions. At this time, you can start having that mummy-feel. We at Goosebumps offer a collection of maternity clothes that will suit your needs as your body prepares you for the coming of your bub.

Selection of Maternity Tops and Maternity Dresses

Our selection of maternity tops and maternity dresses come with style and comfort to support you as your baby grows inside you. Our maternity tops are designed to fit you and accommodate your growing tummy with ease as you move around in it. We also have a wide range of colours and designs for you to choose from that you can mix and match with other clothes. With our maternity clothes, we define preggy as the new sexy!

This is a time you should flaunt that bump with pride and our line of maternity wear will help you achieve that look without having to sacrifice being stylish and fashionable.

Maternity Summer Dresses

The maternity summer dresses that we have can be worn at any times even after the baby is out. Our other maternity tops and maternity dresses can be comfortable to wear as breastfeeding clothes too.

When the day comes that your little one is finally in your arms, we understand the needs and adjustments you, mummies will be needing. We have a selection of nursing clothes that is especially tailor-made to cater to the comfort of both mum and bub when breastfeeding. Also, our nursing tops and nursing dresses come in style that you can wear for special occasions.

We understand you mummies. From the moment you are gifted with that life inside you, Goosebumps Clothing would like to be with you every step of the way and until that little one of yours is finally with you. We are here to be your partner in motherhood.