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Baby Clothing & Accessories

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Baby Clothing & Accessories


All babies are naturally charming and irresistible. We, at Goosebumps Clothing believe so and we are here to offer you the best deals and picks for your little bub!

Babies are mummies’ human dolls and dressing them up can be fun and wonderful. We have clothes that suit their little bodies and especially made to easily be worn and taken off.

Amazing Product Range

Nappy changing can be challenging for parents. We have rompers with snaps that can be easily removed when nature calls. It functions perfectly and there would be no need to take it off from the baby’s body. We have designs that will match your little ones and different colors for you to choose from.

We also have tops for you little ones that is suited for their built. It comes in different prints and colors for you to choose from. These tops are perfect for a hot weather and during the cold weather, you can make use of it as an undergarment to make them feel warmer.

Our dresses come in sizes for babies too. Definitely a great choice for christening or baptism. Our designs and materials are carefully selected to bring out the best in every little bub.

Babies can also be fashionable with our vintage dresses. Our shades of light colors will make them the cutest, sweetest and prettiest babies. You can always find an add-on from our accessories. We have sashes, headbands and beanies to pair with the dresses you choose from our apparel.

Here at Goosebumps Clothing, fashion starts at babyhood. Let’s start them young!

Our promise to you

As a family owned and operated business, we ensure that each and every product meets our high standards for quality before you receive it, whether that is our maternity wear or vintage clothing. This means that every lace dress for girls is inspected to ensure that you are completely happy with the item once it has arrived.

Shop our online Australian store today to browse our entire collection for women and children and be impressed by the wide variety of items we stock for affordable prices.