NEW Pearl and Lace!

Another beautiful day for a photo shoot.

The stunning models are wearing our very popular vintage inspired Pearl and Lace Dress.  The details on this dress is exquisite. This dress is fully lined. It also boasts a delicate lace overlay to give your sweet girl that “I am special” feeling. You will find stunning pearl beading detail on this crocheted Miss Peter Pan style Collar and arms trimmed with a soft crocheted lace trim. The back is secured with a single pearl button. Perfect for a little flowers Girls Dresses or all occasion.

July 31, 2016 — Tracy Verboom
Stina Dress Review

Stina Dress Review

Hi Tracy, here is Jaymee wearing her beautiful Goosebumps dress…. twirling in it ;)
Everyone said the girls looked beautiful & the day was very special.


Thank you for your flexibility with choosing their dresses & thank you for the refund on the dresses that didn’t fit.


Lisa Coe

July 07, 2016 — Tracy Verboom
Another Happy Customer

Another Happy Customer

Hi Goosebumps,
Your dresses are so so beautiful!
Here is a photo of my girls wearing them to a wedding.

Thanks for your wonderful service.
From Michelle.


May 20, 2016 — Tracy Verboom
One of the Many Happy Customers at Goosebumps Clothing

One of the Many Happy Customers at Goosebumps Clothing


I just wanted to say thanks for providing my daughters communion / confirmation dress. I have never ordered clothes online before so I was very worried about the fit and quality of what I would get. I must say I was pleasantly surprised from the beginning. I had prompt responses from my enquiry emails from the start. When the dress arrived i was happy to see it fit my daughter perfectly and the quality was exceptional.
Thanks for making my daughters day so special. This dress was beautiful and was a very reasonable price.
I would recommend your many to anyone.
Janelle Dixon

May 07, 2016 — Tracy Verboom
Briony Sinclair Tells Us Why Goosebumps Clothing is a Great Choice!

Briony Sinclair Tells Us Why Goosebumps Clothing is a Great Choice!


A few weeks ago I was going crazy online looking for a sweet dress for my girls to be baptised in. We live in a rural area and I had been having a lot of trouble finding something age appropriate and not over the top for miss 10 and miss 6.

Finding your graceful and feminine designs that are kid friendly (no itchy bits, knee length hems and comfortable) was a true blessing. Then when they turned up within a few days of ordering, I was blown away. The dresses were exactly as advertised, the postage and customer service was fantastic and the dresses themselves were outstanding.

Thankyou for producing amazing quality, beautiful and affordable garments available by post. Your business has provided everything I value in my shopping experience. I have sung your praises to all and sundry.

My babies looked so fabulous I wanted to share a couple of photos I took on the day. Thankyou again.

Kind Regards

Briony Sinclair

March 24, 2016 — Tracy Verboom
Choosing The Right Maternity Clothes for You

Choosing The Right Maternity Clothes for You

With stylish yet comfortable maternity clothes, we can add more fun and excitement to our pregnancy period. Pregnant women look extremely beautiful and enchanting in maternity dresses especially made for you. We may not always feel like we have that “glow” that everyone talks about but we can at least try our best to look gorgeous wearing cute maternity clothes.

Expectant mothers have several choices when it comes to selecting maternity clothes for them. These clothes are available in a wide selection of colours, sizes and patterns to meet their exact demand. At Goosebumps Clothing we don’t have to worry about over priced maternity and nursing wear, and we know we will get great quality and appeal from the ranges available.  Great news, we now cater from  petite to plus sizes as well. 

Now days, most people like the thought and convenience of buying online and purchase a marvellous collection of tops and dresses complementing the latest fashion. You can get lucrative offers or huge discounts on the maternity clothes if you purchase them online.  Always look for a great return policy just in case they don’t fit or need to exchange.

Points to be considered while selecting maternity clothes for you:

It is not going to make a difference whether you are purchasing the clothes offline or online. Be it a designer wear or an ordinary wear, you have to keep certain factors in mind before you decide to buy your desired maternity clothes.

  • Choose & buy clothes keeping the particular season in mind. Stay warm & comfortable during the winter days and choose light & easily washable clothes during the summer days.
  • Select maternity clothes that help you to stay comfortable and look fashionable.
  • Start shopping for the maternity clothes from the fourth month as you can see some changed in your body. It is recommended to purchase a few clothes at a time as you are going to gain more weight and fat in next 5 months.
  • Remember that you are not going to wear them for long so plan a budget and try to stick to it.
  • Add diversity to your wardrobe by purchasing mixing and matching trousers, tops and jeans as per your size.

Simply, maternity clothes can help you to look stunning and hip. They enable you to translate this period into the time of rejoice and relax!

Stylish maternity clothes add a charm and grace to modern pregnant women. Over the years, maternity dresses have undergone a sea change and now you are presented with a wide selection of trendy & fun maternity clothes to choose from.

Visit for stylish and cozy maternity clothes at discounted prices. Here, you can find unique designs that you can wear, before, during and after pregnancy, stretching your dollar further.

August 06, 2015 — Tracy Verboom
Are you Planning to have a Baby?

Are you Planning to have a Baby?

There are a few things you may want to do before you go to that important next stage. Here are a few things to consider before taking that next step.

In my opinion, the most important would be talk to your doctor. We may not know all the facts or be updated with all the latest health issues that need to be addressed before conceiving. Your local doctor can keep you informed.

A full health check is advised. If you already have health issues such as diabeties, depression, high blood pressure or epilepsy these symptoms may worsen by pregnancy. Your family doctor can guide you through this to make your pregnancy experience the best possible one. Another factor to consider is the health of your gums. Hormones change and can make gums more easily irritated and inflamed. It is important to look after your teeth and gums by regular brushing to avoid infection or tooth loss.

We all need to be educated in certain areas, some things we may not even consider is important but may impact the overall health of our new little one. Here are a few things that may harm your baby.

Alcohol, cigarettes and drug use can harm unborn babies. Quitting smoking might be easier said than done. There are aids to help reduce and hopefully stop smoking such as nicotine patches, gum and inhalers. Of course no smoking would be the best case scenario. If you are aware of what smoking may do to your baby it might help you find that needed willpower to keep you going. Smoking may cause premature babies, under weight babies, babies may have lung problems, there is a higher chance that babies may die from SIDS. We need to give our new borns the best possible chance right from the get go.

Heaving drinking in pregnancy has been linked to a higher risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. When you drink the alcohol goes from your bloodstream into babies bloodstream and may harm the baby, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy. Even if this occurred before you even know you were pregnant. Don’t panic if you find out you are pregnant and start remembering a few big nights you had. It is the continued heavy drinking over a long period of time that causes problems.
Over the counter or prescription drugs may be harmful in pregnancy. If you are thinking of taking any medication in pregnancy check with your doctor, mid wife or pharmacist first. Be aware that your regular painkillers including aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs etc may cause problems in pregnancy.

Disclaimer: The information supplied is general in nature and may not be relevant to your specific circumstances. Nothing mentioned above should be taken to replace the need to seek professional advice.

Goose Bumps clothing is an Australian owned family business run by Tracy, a mum to two beautiful little girls.  Tracy displayed a natural flair for design at a very young age. After graduating from school she followed her dream and landed a job with fashion designer Katie Edmonds, leading into an internship with a local fashion house working with a team of designers and alteration experts.

At the young age of 20, Tracy and one of her older sisters Manon established their own Children’s Clothing label Kunnuk Kids. They pursued this journey together for a few years until Tracy decided to broaden her studies by travelling the world and learning about the beautiful cultures and colours it has to offer.

On soon returning back to Australia with her very supportive husband,” Goose Bumps Clothing” was born when Tracy first became pregnant and she saw the need to create stylish and functional clothes to meet the needs of her changing body. When Tracy struggled to breast feed her eldest daughter and was nervous about feeding in public she designed an easy to use breast feeding range that provided discrete coverage. As the girls have grown Tracy has enjoyed finding inexpensive, quality clothing for them and Goose Bumps Clothing has now expanded to include baby and children’s clothes.

June 30, 2014 — Tracy Verboom
Colic or Reflux or Just Overtired? What’s Making your Baby Unsettled?

Colic or Reflux or Just Overtired? What’s Making your Baby Unsettled?

Many parents seek help and relief for their "unsettled baby" who "cries all the time" and report that the baby has "colic" or "reflux" and sometimes both! I immediately ask the parents if the colic or reflux has in fact been diagnosed by a pediatrician or their General Practitioner. Often the answer is “no” and the parents are only surmising that due to all of the well meaning advice from friends and family that this is the obvious diagnosis.

Upon finding that the colic or reflux hasn't been diagnosed by the health professional I set about investigating whether the poor little baby is actually just overtired and needing more sleep. An overtired baby can trick the parents into rightly thinking that they have reflux and colic by the way they respond to the delayed bedtime. First lets look at the usual signs of colic and reflux and then see how they mask overtiredness.

Colic: Is usually described as at least three hours of crying/screaming for at least three days a week, from about the age of three weeks until about the age of three months. Colic babies generally do a lot of screaming at different times of the day which is not generally consistent on any day, go red in the face while crying/screaming, roll up into a ball or pull their legs up, may or may not burp after a feed and do not respond to the usual methods of calming when really upset.


October 03, 2013 — Tracy Verboom
Baby Showers – 5 Things to Consider

Baby Showers – 5 Things to Consider

One of the very best things about T3 is your baby shower. Fun! Here’s a quick run-down of five major aspects when considering your baby shower.

  1. When to have it?

    The short answer to this is not too early and not too late! Too early and you won’t be looking “properly” preggers for the photos and too late can especially be a bit fraught given the unexpected arrival of the (other) guest of honor!

  2. Who should host?

    Believe it or not, tradition says that your direct family (sister, mother etc) shouldn’t host your baby shower! This was meant to avoid the appearance that the family was simply on a mission to collect gifts.

  3. To theme or not to theme?

    If you decide to theme your shower, the most important consideration depends on whether the baby’s gender is known or not.  So aside from the traditional pink and blue, the theme is limited only by your imagination. Themes are great if you want everything to match, but they’re certainly not the most important thing about your shower.

READ more of the article HERE:

October 02, 2013 — Tracy Verboom
New Baby Nursery Checklist - a Hubbers Guide to Newborn Essentials

New Baby Nursery Checklist - a Hubbers Guide to Newborn Essentials

Preparing for a new arrival can be overwhelming - especially for first-time parents-to-be! But in fact, there are only a few 'essential' items you'll need to have ready for your new baby.

Most things can be bought afterwards - when you know more about your baby (like the sex and the size) and your own parenting style.

We've enlisted the help of our valuable Bub Hub members to compile this guide to Newborn Essentials


Unless you plan to co-sleep you will need the following items:

  • Cot
  • Cot mattress
  • Cot sheet set x 2
  • Blankets/swaddles/wraps x 3....
October 01, 2013 — Tracy Verboom